• Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 Bases, TH 6 Base, Anti Everything 2-Star Layout, Th 6 Base 2017-2018, COC TH6 War, Best CoC Town Hall 6, Town Hall 6 Base, TH6 War Base

    Best Base Town Hall 6 | Top TH6 War Base | COC TH 6 2017-2018

    If your base is not enough to stop enemy gaining 3 stars then your are at right place. From now enemy has to think twice before attacking your th 6 base. I will start from TH6 War Bases, I have seen lots of clash of clans players base who cant stop enemy to score during […]

  • CoC Town Hall 7 Hybrid, clash of clans Trophy TH7, TH7 Trophy Bases, CoC War Farming Defense, Pushing Anti Base, Best TH7 Bases 2017, th7 war base anti dragon

    CoC Anti Base Town Hall 7 | Hybrid | TH7 War | Farming | Defense

    Hi..I am from Russia name Rastegin my clash of clans details Legend League 5,734 Experience Level 207 Legend League Rankings Global 109,475 because i am from Russia maybe my English difficulty for native English speakers. so sorry for the difficulty to read but you will enjoy for sure. Best th7 Base | Best th7 Trophy Base TH7 Base all Anti drag  […]

  • Best Town Hall 6 Bases 2017-2018

    All Best Town Hall 6 Base Ever | CoC TH 6 Bases | TH6 Anti Everything

    I have received a lot of petition for a TH6 War foundation design since partners of weeks past, especially following the update with two Air protection in Town hall 6. Spring Traps are set in funnels. Giants, the soldiers in Wars in TH6, will consistently go them through and have ignored. Air Defenses can protect […]

  • BH5 Base Best Builder Hall Level 5

    Cash of Clans Top 15 Best Builder Hall Level 5 Bases | BH5 Base

    Cash of Clans Builder hall 5 base design which is displayed is mainly designed to defend the builder hall which is in the exact middle of this village with multi mortar close to it. The push cubes are pointing towards the crushers which compels the soldiers while attacking creating a great destruction towards opponent troops. […]



    Clash of Clans is really a mobile video game, designed to be performed on touch devices, however you’ll find a number of explanations as to why persons are using their traditional computer system, note book, Mac book etc. to play with the match. Did you understand that millions of gamers utilize their Windows computer or […]