Best Un-Defeatable Builder Hall BH7 Base | Anti 1 Star Designs Bases

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And welcome back to the new journey of the most expensive and rare builder hall 7 bases in this post i am gonna show you some most wanted and latest bh7 bases you will definitely use them and Easy 6000+ Trophy. Its my guaranty that you will win every single match bet. These bases are inspired from bh6 and bh5 so let get started……

Anti-3-Star Builder Hall 7 Base Design

So here is our first bh7 as which is very powerful as you can see the setting of the new defender which is against giant cannon and it looks very good it make your base look more suspicious and intelligent the defence power of this base is very good this base is anti 2 star.

5000 plus trophies BH7 Base Layouts

This is our next coc builder hall 7 this is most wanted and rare, It has a unique hidden power of defence in this base the setting of all traps and defences tower is very good this base will not allows the enemy to win more than maximum 2 star hardly this base can defence troops like Boxer Giants , Barbarian, Anti Night Witches, Bombers etc..

Favorite Builder Base Layouts for BH7

Any Sort of strikes featuring Witches Will Have to assault this foundation from the upper side to Find the Multi Mortar however, also the Roaster will take everything down until it reaches the Builder Hall
In the floor, he’ll need to take care of the Giant Cannon shooting the troops all of the period and also the Roaster protecting with flair harm.

Builder Base Designs Bh7 Defense Tips

That this is a adaption of this third-base above plus it’s going to invite the consumer to move directly to your Builder Hall — that’ll bring about usually enough rather than becoming 45% as the competitor will need what to find the Builder Hall from underneath side contrary to the defensive strength.

Tips and Strategies for BH7

This will result in acquiring a solid Quantity of percent or even the Builder Hall Together with a low
percent – functioning nicely for me now. Bombers are going to have pointless way from the left side with all the wall arrangement which may keep them busy all of the time, which offers your defenses time to take care of the in coming Barbarians.

Builder Hall 7 Anti Everything Base

Air strikes with Drop-ship, Minions or Night Witches Can Get into the Builder Hall however, also the Air Bombs and Roaster can require down them so that they will not overlook this segment
This can force the consumer to earn a short-distance attack against the trunk once again to find the
Builder Hall or assaulting the entire lineup of guards.

Strongest BH7 Base Anti Everything

This bottom here may even place the attacker to some difficult spot assaulting against the ground or the surface and are bad areas to strike.Going out of the very best may induce the attacker to strike throughout the Storage’s for into the guards that are hard and also by the time the military Is gone.

Most Dangerous BH7 Base

Attacking this base by the floor is a massive mistake and can cause getting an extremely blessed 2 star worst instance for you. This base is only going to allow low proportion 1-Star or even 2 star strikes. Make sure therefore that there isn’t much space between your Builder Hall and the boundary of this map to discover it.

World Top Players Builder Hall 7 Base

In Case You Have problems getting solid 1 star Strikes yourself or Even if you Are Updating your Battle Machine Today, You May Want to give this You here an Attempt as It Is Going to Provide you the Chance to score Despite a high Percent 1-Star

Best Builder Hall 7 Defence Base

BH7 Base Anti 2 star – This base is useful because it is difficult to browse troops into the Builder Hall or just take down the Air Bombs Baby Dragons or even Multi Mortar Barbarians early at the attack without investing in a great deal of troops. The will stop to operate across the foundation
This BH7 Base works good as the entry points are bringing the Giants therefore there isn’t any purpose in the entire base where they can smash walls they really must spend the trail that is full of cubes.

New Clash of Clans Builder Hall 7 Bases

Any attack need to clean that the outside structures before moving in to the center area and at the idea as soon as your competitors’ soldiers input the center area many troops are removed today.
Trying to find a base design that drags troops in the Crusher or even allow them to crush walls for quite a while? That one here can do exactly this and shield extremely well.

Best Builder Hall 7 Base

The pockets and also the overall design with the design here induce troops to go into throughout the
Crushers across the side — that the Fight Machine is going to have great deal of issues as the AI will
continually make it walk to some shield supporting the Crusher and lose plenty of health doing this.

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