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So today we will be sharing the Best Clash of Clans Th7 war bases and Latest CoC top town hall 7 bases. I hope you get the best base for what your here, I will be giving tips and tricks on th 7 bases and everything about the war bases and how to design best anti Everything th7 war base from the layouts and designs are given below. Following details it will surly help to win the clan war with your town hall 7 base.

Top Clash Of Clans Th7 War Base Layouts

War Base TH7

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Best TH7 War Bases

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Clash of Clans th7 War Layout

Best th7 Base | Best th7 War Base

We have added many top and best anti star war base layouts that you must go for it and if you follow the tips and tricks correctly you will win many wars very easily with all the bases given below. Here we are giving you the best Strategy bases which have used by many top players of coc and had a good result from it and had 95% of winning from this Defense th7 base, so don’t hesitate trying this th7 base for once in your clans war. These are top most defensive Town Hall 7 war base which is used by at least a Thousand of users in very few weeks of uploading.

clash of clans town hall 7 war base

Best TH7 War Base Anti Dragon

I have seen many coc players don’t setup their bases to protect, which is the most important role of Defense in clan wars for town hall. They just spread out all buildings without using them properly. Collectors and storages are also very useful as any other non-defense building so don’t put anywhere in the base, Placing them in proper place makes winning percent go higher.

We all know how important is winning clan war and getting loot after each winning war. The more your base is defened more your clan get chance to win the clan for that your base must be most defensive base for town hall 7.

Coc th7 Bases , Clash Of Clans Town Hall 7 War Base

Best Top Most TH 7 War Bases

Coc th7 Bases, Clash Of Clans Town Hall 7 War Base

As we all know there are 2 types of bases 1st is the normal base or also called home base and the 2nd base is your war base. If you are in battle in your clan was you can’t change anything to your war base because they are been locked during battle. Concept of clan war is very esay if you understand them properly, 1st you have to get 3 stars from your emney base by defeating there base and not letting 3 starts in your base from the attack from emny side. To save your base you need to keep your base most defensive base which I have given below top th7 base for all war attacks.

If you are here then you must be playing with coc Town Hall 7. You must be knowing everything about clan wars and strategic war battle between your team and the enemy team which takes 2 phases, the first day of phases is for preparation day and the 2nd day phases is for the battle. We all know that every player in war clan getting’s 2 attacks in battle day and the winning result come at end, the clan that had most stars are the winner of the war clan!! Simple?? I am sure that you would be knowing this all before, This was only for those who don’t knew about clan wars. Many of them think that in clan war there base are not safe and they would lose their resources in clan war, lots of people ask me about this and are confused too. But the truth is that your resources are completely safe during clan war.

Best Level 7 War Pushing Layout

Coc th7 Bases. Clash Of Clans Town Hall 7 War Base

As I have played many clans wars with my base th7 but never ever heard about draw in clan war which is next to impossible. So for winning the clan war your attack and defense both should be proper and perfect.

th7 war base coc

TH7 War Layout 2017 – 2018 New Update CoC

To start a new clan war here are so steps to be followed. 1st In your coc game you can see clan war button which is on left side on the game. 2nd There you can find matches with 8 types of war. 5 vs 5 players in clan war is the latest and new update in Clash of Clans. You will also find 10 vs 10 players, 15 vs 15 players, 20 vs 20 players, 25 vs 25 players, 30 vs 30 players, 40 vs 40 players, 50 vs 50 players. It’s your choice that how many players you would like to play with in clan wars.

Best th7 war base coc

After the clan war has ended you can view the war results and stars of your team and the enemy team. After the war ends always check the replays of both teams this would help you to learn more about new Strategy which your enemy had used against your team and try to get rid of that mistake and always try something new base and new strategies. We have lots of best Town Hall 7 War Base Designs which are designs with most popular COC players.

th7 war base with air sweeper

Town Hall 7 War Bases | Best Town Hall 7 War Base Anti-Everything

We will be updating this post with more best and latest coc th7 war base, farming base and hybrid bases. Don’t forget to Bookmark this page and enjoy playing Clash Of Clans anytime and every time because we live and we die for coc.

So these were the best Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 War base designs and layouts. Now your enemies will be defected and chance of your winning. Keep visiting and get latest update of coc for all TH7 War Bases

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