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Hi..I am from Russia name Rastegin my clash of clans details Legend League 5,734 Experience Level 207 Legend League Rankings Global 109,475 because i am from Russia maybe my English difficulty for native English speakers. so sorry for the difficulty to read but you will enjoy for sure.

Best th7 Base | Best th7 Trophy Base

TH7 Base all Anti drag  and Anti Hog and Anti giants War Base 2017-2018
The bases bottom that rankings across all the others countries in TH7 war Bases is this one right here! I will Provide you the best top most base. This COC War Base is very good defense within a few of their absolute most unspeakable and maintain a state of extreme fear monsters of Clash of clans . Without a question I am talking about Dragons ” Hog riders and Giants. Each of those with person who is forced to leave their home country because of war may damage your Base until you are aware of it also to win you are in need of a Base which may kick some asses. Right here in this particular base, we’ve planned of the elements to handle them and make there attacks get failed. This coc TH7 war Base includes air defenses. Air defenses are more strong on this th 7 base defence. which are good against dragons and balloons attacks with a few floor strategies such as giants. Try out this particular base and allow them to lose there attacks with minimum lose done.

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 7 Defense

Best TH7 War Base Anti Dragon

Best Top Most TH 7 Trophy Bases

At town hall 7 attackers most favaurite troops are Dragons with few Hogs riders. Hogs are mainly there to destroy Air Sweeper and Air DefenseFor all of the attackers who aim their strategies to Base with Dragons along with Hog riders in TH7 , then you want to organize your strategies stand up them first. Anti Dragon Base and this is the base design with this particular. Anti Dragon, ” Anti Hog plan we are going to be using to get a TH7 war Base which includes using air defenses along with traps.
The plan used this is really not just a exact common one which is definitely an asset as maybe not most of you personally attackers will have the ability to divide the center. This Anti dragon base and also Anti Hog plan will fetch you some wins and make your trophy go up.
TH7 war base for Clash of Clans — Town hall 7 (Th7) War Base — Anti Dragon Anti Hog Tactic Defence

To handle a number of their absolute most damaging giants and from this I believe Dragons from racking down the Base you will demand more upgraded  Air protection.

Best Level 7 Trophy Pushing Layout

Best Th7 War Base 2017 top 3 from now. With Anti Dragon base 4 to 8 , Anti Hog Anti 3 star Anti two Star With 3 Air Protection base 9 to 14
Dragons are somewhat capable to air shields and also they get shield — Anti dragon Strategy acts like a powerful weapon against them and also works the best. This amazing th7 war Base gets 75 % dragons attacks then the normal troops was proved. which will be just the one to target on in Town Hall 7. Clash of Clans — Town hall 7 (Th7) War Base | 3 Air Protection
Focusing on air strikes to shield against the dragons that along with hog riders, this coc TH7 war bottom is tricky heart against probably the absolute most dreaded monsters in COC.

TH7 Trophy Layout New Update CoC

2017 With strategic offensive tactics with dragons along with hog riders attacking your own base, you need the best th 7 base for Anti 3 star TH7 war base with Anti dragon how can handle the best defcence, Anti Hog to own a rock solid defense to carry out them. And this Th7 war base is best for an Anti 3 popular or Anti two popular. Combined with two air shield this war base can easily take hogs and all of the dragons out so that they get there attacks failed.
TH7 wars get tough and you need to acquire tougher in order to win. As your base grown stronger keep updating your air defense.

TH7 War Base Anti Dragon | Town Hall 7 Hybrid Bases

Town Hall 7 Trophy Bases | Best Town Hall 7 War Base Anti-Everything

The main threats to a base are merely a couple, you either rip them they will rip you off. so you need a better base to get rid of them easily without losing much. Clash of Clans — Town hall 7 (Th7) War Base, If you are not defending against the dragons in Town Hall 7 in your war base, there is a definite likelihood of your bottom to be ripped apart by these because most of the attacks will be done by dragons. Try out this base anti and war bottom layout for Th7 to get an ultimate Anti dragon to get failed. Air defenses are what you need to pay attention more on there update so you base can be saved. Dragons and hogs can easily be stooped result down if your war base has powerful air safety. This TH7 war base is an Anti 3 base in TH7.

Best Town Hall 7 War Base Anti Dragon

The Town hall 7 anti dragon war base is a rock solid combination land defense and with 3 Air Defense to get an effective Anti dragon strategy. This particular TH7 War Base is targeted on taking down Dragons in a sense that they do not get to the center of the base.

best war base th7 anti dragon hogs

TH7 War Base Anti Dragon And Anti Giant

The best TH7 war base is here now with anti everything troops. Maybe not just you have to pay more attention defending your Base against dragons, but hogs and giants really are a issue too which can make more damages to your town hall 7. You will need to engage in clever setting upward air defenses with some land shield too which you can get below in may best th7 base. The base which your are watching are most best defense TH7 war Base which has got everything that you require. Design you Base have an excellent and also since exhibited win beforehand any strike that is damn good.

Town Hall TH7 War Bases with 3 Air Defense

The 3 things which will drive you nuts in Town Center are hogs, both dragons and bows. Not only you base that is outside is attacked by them, they could survive to rip it away till the end of it and easy get 3 star and get a good loot from you. Here is the thing you want to take care of Anti dragon, Anti Hogs . Having a program against those a few especially will possess you ever win a number of those toughest war in COC. So you have to make your base in such a way that any of troops comes your base does not get looted.

TH7 War, Farming, Trophy & Hybrid Layouts

TH 7 Base Layout Clash Of Clans | TH7 Defense Base

The most important is if the base is perfectly made by watching each sides of attacks like dragon, hogs, giants you can defend them easy. Most bases are made by there own which has some lack of defence in which troops and get 3 stars with all the loots.

 Clash Of Clans th7 Trophy Base

coc th7 bases | coc th7 farming bases

CoC TH7 Hybrid Bases | CoC TH7 Layouts

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 7 Defense

Best TH7 War Base Anti Dragon

Each base has there defense and has its own strengths to stop the troops as long, there you will find many base which have many weaknesses and that makes the base wipe out. therefore we are providing you the best th 7 base which has great defense against air and land troops.

clash of clans th7 trophy layout | coc town hall 7 trophy base

UN-Defeated Best Town Hall 7 War Base Anti-Everything

As i have seen lots of base which have very few defense and don’t give much importants on defense. As a result they get attacks on there base losing everything. The powerful safety with this Base operates wonderful against all kinds of attacks and troops. This base layout helps you to defend all types of attacks and get looted try out this best th 7 base.

th7 war base anti dragon with air sweeper
th7 war base anti dragon with air sweeper

Town Hall 7 Dark Elixir Farming Protection Base

TH7 Farming Base you will get with powerful useful resource protection. The attacker would find harder to reach your resource and that makes Elixir Storage maximum protection.
The TH7 farming Base is one among those amazing farming Bases which give attention to a few of the absolute most dreadful troops. The bottom contains powerful protection base above Volume dragon strikes and its variations troops. The guarded by several Mortars put in opposite directions to cover those sides and makes the troops slow to reach to elixir.
As u you can see in the picture  Air guards and Air sweeper positioned this helps to make enemy  Dragons down more rapidly. Even the Wizard Towers helps to get its first shield. With predictive pathing, the base was installed with spring cubes, Giant Bombs, and creatures.

Town Hall 7 Base

CLASH OF CLANS TH7 farming base is one of the best designs that you may get at TH7. The farming base may be put to use as an excellent protection against Dragons and Giants. Although any kind of troops have no chance of surviving into the base, the base focuses on defending against the nasty attacks of Dragons and Giants. The outer coating of this bottom is designed to make it look vulnerable and easy however, the more powerful heart is where no troops survive.
New! TH7 Farming Base

COC Town Hall 7 Trophy Bases | Town Hall 7 Hybrid Base

Even the Town Hall and Dark Elixir Storage are put in the Crux of the Base with Tesla, air protection and Mortars Put wisely around it to give the Base a powerful shield against Dragons, both Hogs and Gowipe Assaults. The base is designed to distract troops from the bottom and also keep them from entering the center. This Th7 Hybrid base is a amazing war Base with powerful shield and may likewise function as being a amazing Farming Base too. The bottom handles the center tools with Air Bombs, air guards, and Mortars round it. This gives a potential shield against Hogs and the Dragons. Even the Teslas are wisely laced to trigger earth troops. The bottom is coated with spring cubes and Giant Bombs all around to give a powerful boost to your bottom.

Best TH7 Trophy Base New Update Clash Of Clans

With all the best & most powerful air protection in TH7, this hybrid base fits all of your requirements and desires. The Town Hall is set at the centre with three air defences set in opposite directions to insure the entire place. This TH7 hybrid Base might be applied as an amazing Circuit Base in wars and championships together with a wonderful TH7 Farming Base. This is the upgraged base of clash of clans town hall 7 base as new and best found and made

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