Clash Of Clans TH10 Farming, Trophy & Defensing War Base Layouts

Welcome, Here is a new journey of new updated and famous coc town hall 10 bases. Here you will get the bases which has all qualities like Farming Base, Trophy Base saver, Best at defence Base , High stranded bases, Anti 3 star Bases, Hybrid Base, more and more. This bases are being made by taking inspiration from th8 Layouts and th7 Base this bases are updated and really better in defencing. So let get stated…

Favorite Base Layouts for TH 10

Here is our most used and wining war base.the setting of the base is great. The most good thing is the confusing setting of the Air Attacks, Wizard Tower, Bomb is perfect and the pattern of the walls is very expensive, This base will not allow the enemy to get more than 1 star you can also say this base is anti 3 star.

Best Town Hall 10 Farming, Trophy Base & War Base Layouts

This is our next coc th10 most powerful base. In this base the air defence is very guaranty that the attacker will not win more than 1 star or not 1 star also, This layout is created with very good placing of hidden Tesla and X-Bow. This base can defence all kind of troops like Giants, Wizard, Pekka etc.

Top TH10 War Base & Trophy Farming Base Layouts

This is the best coc th10 farming base ever made. Its defense is also very well as the enemy enter your base the defencing towers (Wizard Tower, Archer Tower) will not let them to go more inside as your loot is safe at the middle. Its layout is awesome the setting of the walls make your base look more powerful. This base is anti 2 star.

No. 1 Town Hall 10 War Base Layouts

Now lets come to our next coc town hall 10 hybrid base. This base is also best at defencing. This base will also not allow the enemies to get more than 1 star.this base is a trophy saver base. Which will save your trophies from distressing layout of this base can defence any kind of troops.

Anti 3-Star TH10 War Base Layout

As you can see this is our next coc own hall 10 anti 3 star base. This base will be a little confusing for the enemies. This base is tricked. The setting of two wizard towers oppositely is very good as that is the only way for the enemies to go inside the base.

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