Town Hall 7 Clash Of Clans Strategy Farming Attacking Free Tips Guide

If you want get easy farming without losing too much on army then this troops are the best. This attacking strategy of B.A.M is very good for the town hall 7 and above. It also works same on th 8 base, th9 base too. Whatever trophy level this B.A.M works for your farming. It troops are only made for farming only and B.A.M get less time to make it’s the quickest  troops and the best thing is this troops are made very cheap army. Clash Of Clans game troops B.A.M – Barbarians, Archers and Minions quickest and cheapest.

Th7 Farming Attacking Strategy B.A.M Army (Troops)

Barbarians: 80

Archers: 60

Minions: 30

On coc town hall 7 total troops made are 170 army.

Here are so most important tips How to play Clash of Clans – A Beginner’s Guide, Making of these troops you will have to wait around 8 minutes and your troops are ready for attacking. You can easily make troops using barrack to build archers and for barbarians and you have to use dark barracks for minions. Gems for clash of clans not needed for this troops.

Clash Of Clans Tips | Clash Of Clans Guide

Put Into Practice Troops B.A.M :-

How to use these clash of clans troops for the best result, you can get many bases which has great loot so keep searching till you get good amount of loot, while searching you will find many inactive base. We have to target this inactive base which has loot in there collectors which are outside the wall. Steps for using troops: – 1st Put a wave of barbarians near collectors if you are looting gold, elixge mines and the collectors which are outside the wall. 2nd archers troops wave just behind the barbarians troops. Don’t put the all troops at one position put slowly and spread troops properly to get extreme loot, same spread wave of archers behind your barbarians. 3rd Using minions troops it’s all about  your mind, wisely  you just have to drop this troops where there are no air defense or  hit air troop, then leave minions where barbarians and archers have failed to loot.

You have to use minions where barbarians and archers left loot of mines and collectors most probably you have to drop yours troops which will fly inside walls and get the loot.

Clash Of Clans Free Loot Without Clash Of Gems

First start looting where there is no defense with help of some archers and barbarians clear that side loot which is easy for you to get loot.

Second use some barbarians and your barbarian king to destroy the wall so that you can enter enemy town hall. You have to use healing spell at this time.

As the barbarian king destroys wall start Put some archers and barbarians in mixed amount behind them and see the destruction. Don’t forget to use healing spell when needed.

Target to destroy air defenses and if they are destroyed, use your last troop’s minions and take advantage of their air attacks. Try making safe of minions get sure your minions are not destroyed by air bombs for that use minions in different different directions and also deploy them slowly and try to deploy all resources more freely.

Do this and See the destruction. clash of clans loot type games strategy

Enjoy clashing, looting and lots fun  😉

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